It’s always interesting to see how companies, particularly big companies, choose brand names. Another Jackrabbit appeared this week. Any thoughts on what it might be? A Google search suggests that Apache has already got a pretty strong hold on that name. The Apache Jackrabbit is an Open Source Content Repository for Java. Why Jackrabbit? .. you would have to ask them.

The Wordnet gives two definitions. It’s a Noun: jackrabbit (large hare of western North America). We probably remember that. The other is a Verb: jackrabbit (go forward or start with a fast, sudden movement).

Presumably it’s that second meaning that Intuit had in mind. According to Anita Campbell, Editor of Small Business Trends, Intuit has a new Beta site about starting a business called “Jackrabbit“. This new website is designed for start-ups and those planning to start a business. I’m not sure that a fast, sudden movement is the best way to do that, but the website itself looks very professional.

Unfortunately it may have done its own jackrabbit, at least to a Canadian. Here in Canada, the White-Tailed Jackrabbit is on the Endangered Species List. Perhaps that’s an omen. In trying to register My Jackrabbit, I ran into a snag. There seemed to be no warning. It is obligatory to enter the State of residence and this does not include Provinces. So you must be a US citizen. I guess their fast, sudden movement didn’t give them time to think that visitors from outside the USA might want to be part of this.

In any case and not in a fit of pique, I realize that there was no convenient slot to indicate the type of business that I run. They’re using that somewhat out-of-date list of company functions that does not include Marketing. Advertising or PR is part of Marketing but the reverse is not true.

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