Hudson House For Sale

That’s not a very newsworthy story you might feel. If you do a Blogsearch for that, nothing relevant comes up as yet. Well just wait a little because word will spread. It’s called Buzz marketing. The real headline as the Montreal Gazette described it is “House comes with wheels”. Someone already is talking about that on the blogosphere. You’ll find it on the What Car U Like? blog of Mark

If you can stand out from the crowd, even in crowded markets like the Hudson real estate market, then people will talk. In this case, Paul Kapasi is offering to give away a four-door Kia Magentis, worth $25,000 to the person who buys his house. In fact the car is still owned by Boisvert Kia of Blainville but it sits in front of Mr. Kapasi’s house on Main Road, Hudson. It sounds like a real WWW situation: that’s win/win/win.

It will be interesting to see how the story spreads. Buzz marketing or viral marketing is just a fancy way of describing Word-of-Mouth advertising. However if you do it on the Web, it’s amazing how a good story can spread. Chapeau, Mr. Kapasi, for a creative way of getting visibility.

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