Grups Are Never Broken Down By Age And Sex

The phrase ‘Broken down by Age and Sex’ is one of the most common six word phrases. Indeed Google indexes 13,100 web pages that include that exact phrase in quotes. It’s not what you might think. Most of them are linked to market research reports. It’s an attempt to explain why different people may have different views or exhibit different behaviours. It doesn’t always work very well but what else can you do?

Grups are perhaps the most recent manifestation that is showing the weakness of a breakdown by age and sex. Grups are also known as Yupsters (Yuppie/Hipster hybrids), Alterna-yuppies or Yippies (Hipster/Yuppie combos). These 30 and 40-year-old urbanists have good jobs and money to burn. Their fashion, music and social tastes rival those of the hippest 22-year-old on any campus. According to the Montreal Gazette today, to identify who these people are you must use a ‘psychographic’ approach. June Cotte of the Richard Ivey School of Business says that such an analysis categorizes consumers according to attitudes, interests and opinions. It all sounds as though it should allow a much more targeted approach to marketing. After all, that old ‘age and sex’ thing never worked all that well.

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Tags: market research, psychographic analysis