Vibrant Energy – Montreal or Manitoba

Did you see the following description in the past few days? Which M does it apply to?

M’s rich history of diverse cultures, varied climate, and northern location has instilled a unique energy that radiates from the hearts and minds of our people. As the birthplace of many successful artists, musicians and entrepreneurs who compete on the world stage, M is a wellspring of energy. This mobilizing force and enterprising spirit propels our province and its people, and drives our success. A rich past, a vibrant future – it’s ours.

If you guessed Montreal, you were wrong. You’ll find those words on the new Manitoba website, Spirited Energy. In French, the slogan is, “Vibrant d’?nergie.” The website goes on to ask, “Can you feel it?” There’s even a launch video to get you into the spirit. Well apparently some Manitobans are having a problem with the new brand for the province. As the Winnipeg Free Press states:

The problem with ?spirited energy? is that it does not conjure up an immediate image. As well, there is nothing uniquely Manitoban about it.

If this was the new Montreal brand, I don’t think you would be reading the same kind of comments.

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