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If you’re looking for the SAQ blog, then you’re out of luck. Currently there is no such communication vehicle. It does have a monthly e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to and there are also fliers distributed fairly often that arrive with the morning newspaper. It’s a pity there is no blog since the SAQ would be a prime candidate for the best way any company can maintain an ongoing dialogue with its customers.

Of course there have been questions raised about some SAQ business practices. Indeed some might find it ironic that since 1921 the head office of the Socit des alcools du Qubec (SAQ) has been located in what was once a prison. It’s called Pied-du-Courant and is situated just under the towering structure of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. Close by is the Maison du Gouverneur, built in 1895 and named after Charles-Amde-Valle, the last governor of the Montreal prison. This beautiful heritage building was restored by the SAQ and has been open to the public since 1992.

Some might question whether the government needs to be in the business of running liquor stores, but, apart from prices, most customers would give the SAQ high marks. You will find professionalism and excellent customer service in most SAQ stores. The SAQ website is also impressive with a good deal of information on the SAQ, its products and its outlets. Adding a blog to provide current information on new events, new arrivals and what are the most appropriate beverages through the changing seasons would help to give added visibility to what the SAQ has to offer.

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