Long Tail Libations

A post on Long Tail Beer appeared just over one year ago in this blog. Long Tail is a term coined by Chris Anderson and is the subject of a book to be released next month. Surprisingly it’s only today that he has a post entitled The Long Tail of Beer. He doesn’t get into all those microbreweries, which really are one of the strongest proofs of his theory. Instead it’s an account of how Anheuser Busch (they don’t come any more mass-market than that) has formed a separate division, Long Tail Libations, to develop, test and market distilled spirits.

This all started last November but it’s tough to find what is the Anheuser Busch thinking behind the choice of name. Supposedly they’ll be thinking about the young crowd with offerings such as Jekyll and Hyde. This product consists of two liqueur bottles. Jekyll is a scarlet red, sweet spirit tasting of wild berries, while Hyde is a herbal tasting, black spirit that floats on top when poured over the red-colored Jekyll. The two products are meant to be served together, although consumers can drink them separately as well, according to the company.

Seems to me that the Long Tail connection here is a bit of a stretch. Hopefully at least it will help the sales of the Long Tail book.

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