SAP Mobile Fast Track toolkit from Montreal

The Montreal Gazette tells us that the SAP Mobile Fast Track toolkit will be showcased at the SAP Sapphire ’06 Orlando Convention in Florida in May. It allows sales people to access their company’s business systems from their PDAs and place orders or check inventory. This software was developed in the Montreal office of SAP Labs Canada. The office, which employs 200, develops SAP’s applications for the BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion. SAP, the world’s largest software maker, invests heavily in support for Mobile applications as can be seen through its SAP Design Guild, Mobile and More website.

Mobile is clearly one of the fastest-growing sections of the Internet world. Google now provides Mobile Search from the palm of your hand. There are some interesting challenges in linking the Mobile world with the other sections of the Internet world, but undoubtedly these will be worked out in due course. Innovations like the Cre8asite Forums CDAP (Cross-Browser Device Assessment Panel) help tackle these challenges. Undoubtedly Mobile stellar growth will continue and the SAP Mobile Fast Track toolkit will for sure be one of the accelerants.

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