Passion Is Necessary But Not Sufficient

Today saw the opening of a new brewery in Chambly to the east of Montreal. It’s called Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds and is the dream and passion of Nicolas Bourgault. Bedon is the French word for paunch or belly so perhaps there’s a message there. There’s also the Bedondaine Beer Museum containing more than 15000 items, both old and new, all to do with beer history, production, advertising and consumption on display. The official opening will take place on April 15 during a cinque ? sept.

The Montreal Gazette has a good description of all that’s on show. There’s also an interesting discussion on what is the secret to commercial success. Dr. Walter Good of the University of Manitoba is quoted. His book “Building A Dream” is said to be one of the seminal Canadian books on starting a business. Undoubtedly passion is necessary to sustain the business during the early start-up years. However it’s not sufficient to ensure the business will survive and succeed.

It all relates to that other dimension that is even more important than passion or dreams. That’s the product-driven versus customer-centric scale. It’s so important to look at everything through the eyes of potential customers. What are the benefits those potential customers are looking for? Can the business that your passion will drive supply those benefits better than the competition? That will be the determinant of your success.

Fortunately we’re living in exciting times for people who can do a better job of providing those customer benefits. The Internet allows customers who are looking for special products and services to find those particular suppliers who can respond exactly to their needs. It’s been dubbed the Long Tail phenomenon. We already have good examples in other microbrewers and even a specialist papermaker here in Montreal. Here’s hoping that Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds will become another successful example of this new brand of entrepreneurs.

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