Human Computer Interaction Montreal

The Google Researchers are just some of the people who will be in Montreal this week at CHI 2006. This is the premier international conference for human-computer interaction. Since most of us are now interacting with computers this is a subject we all should be interested in. This Conference at the Palais des Congr?s (Convention Center) will allow all segments of the CHI community – design, education, engineering, management, research, and usability – to interact, inform and inspire each other, in the words of the official slogan.

There will be some ground-breaking work being discussed here. One of the Google entries deals with the fastest growing sector of the Internet. It’s entitled A Large Scale Study of Wireless Search Behavior: Google Mobile Search. In a session on Search and Navigation: Mobiles and Audio, Google willl present the first large-scale study of search behavior for mobile users, highlighting some shortcomings of wireless search interfaces. It should be fascinating.

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