How To Play Harmonica Music

Titles are all important in getting attention. This particular title isn’t meant to attract harmonica players, since there aren’t too many people playing harmonicas nowadays. Perhaps it will attract those who want to play the harmonica. .. and you’re here too. That’s the nature of the blogosphere. It can sometimes take you to unexpected places.

In fact, I write this because this morning I read a blog post entitled, “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” That’s in a blog entitled Aparna’s Thoughts. Aparna is at MIT and apparently had a good time listening to Brian Fetherstonhaugh, CEO of Ogilvy One. With 115 offices in 56 countries, OgilvyOne worldwide is the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and interactive marketing. It’s part of the Ogilvy group of communications companies. The ‘moron’ quote is one made by David Ogilvy. Aparna’s post has a good account of Mr. Fetherstonhaugh’s talk, and there’s a lot of good information on internet marketing and related topics.

I wouldn’t normally have read a post with such a title, but my search retriever brought it back as a post that mentioned Montreal. It turns out that Brian was born and raised in Montreal, and graduated from the McGill University Business School. He plays ice hockey every Sunday night and has recently joined a local rock band?aptly named Plan B. The final point in the post was the following:

8. Find a career where you can play harmonica, or whatever makes you happy
As he said this, he took out a harmonica from his pocket and ended his talk playing the harmonica 🙂

Sounds like a typical Montrealer.

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