A Gardens Catalog In Montreal

As it says on Garden Voices, Spring is when .. It’s the time for garden catalogs. Since Garden Voices is the official blog of the Internet’s Garden and Home Community, who would argue.

Many gardeners are probably eagerly scanning any garden catalogs they can get hold of to get set for the coming gardening season. However the Montreal Gazette tells us that in June we will have something a little different: a veritable gardens catalog. This catalog is one you can walk around and will be opening down by the Old Port. It will be located on the site where Mosa?cultures Internationales de Montr?al appeared last three years ago. However whereas Mosa?cultures was something you could only look at with envy, this display will be a source for ideas and practical ways of developing your own garden, wherever it may be.

It’s called Flora Montreal and it is hoped that it will become an annual rendezvous for garden lovers. It is planned to be a world-class showcase for all those involved in the know-how and the art of landscape gardening and horticulture. It will run from June 16 to October 9, 2006. At least 40 acclaimed landscape architects and designers will create 40 different gardens and visitors will be able to discuss the designs with their creators.

The website gives a listing of the types of gardens that will be covered:

  • Show Gardens – Their size and brand-new ideas make these gardens something to dream about.
  • Water Gardens – A tribute to water, the vital element, the most basic and symbolic of our needs.
  • City Gardens – Places that create atmosphere evoke memories and appeal to theimagination even in the cramped spaces of today?s cities.
  • Avant-garde Gardens – A new approach to the traditional garden, a contemporary expression of the art of gardening
  • Street-side – The typical big-city garden. The imaginative gardener can transform this private place into a visual oasis everyone can enjoy.

With a budget of over nine million dollars, it will be supported by all levels of government and by the horticultural industry. It may well become a Mecca for all gardeners.

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