Window Cleaning Montreal

Window Cleaning is hardly high tech but there’s a website you might want to check out. It’s mentioned in the Montreal Gazette today and it belongs to AlphA Window Cleaning. Gary Hamilton has built up his window cleaning (or perhaps window washing if you’re from the UK) business to over a million dollars annual turnover. The foundation is timely, high quality service but the website certainly plays a strong part. Hamilton demonstrates that he knows how to grab your attention.

That brings to mind another famous window cleaner, who was mentioned in the news recently. Some will remember George Formby, a UK comedian perhaps best known for his song, “When I’m cleaning windows“, sung as he strummed away at his own ukulele. A BBC item in the last month on free speech points out that the words of “When I’m cleaning windows” was censored for a time. Questions were raised about what George Formby said he saw through the window as he was cleaning it. It related to something about a bride and groom as I recall. I don’t imagine Gary Hamilton and his team run into that kind of situation in their window cleaning exploits.

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