Quebec Choppers In High Demand

When you see a headline like that, it may mean one of two things. Perhaps our competitors to the Orange County Choppers are going from strength to strength. Or more often its Bell Helicopter Textron Canada that’s making the news.

Yesterday, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd. announced its new 429 chopper is progressing on schedule. The Mirabel-based company has lined up 200 orders worldwide. AirMedic of Quebec will be its first Canadian customer for the 429’s medical configuration, placing two orders and taking options on five others. AirM?dic, a humanitarian organization, comes to the assistance of people in need of specialized air ambulance emergency services across the province of Quebec.

That’s very good news. The helicopter business is booming and BHTC is boosting its workforce by another 700 to 2000. Choppers certainly seem to have the wind in their sails, if one is allowed to mangle a well-known metaphor..

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