CDAP For Webmasters

If CDAP doesn’t ring a bell with you, it’s not surprising since this is a new service that has just been launched by Cre8asite Forums. This CDAP stands for Cross-Browser Device Assessment Panel.

Webmasters are increasingly aware that visitors are using different browsers now and may be using different devices as well. If you’re submitting your web pages to Google, then Google will even ask you whether the web pages are intended for regular desktop computers or for mobiles. Your website that looks fine to you may be less satisfactory or completely non-viewable in another browser/device combination. The Assessment Panel gives you feedback from a variety of visitors on how they view your website.

If the acronym CDAP rang a vague bell with you, that’s not surprising either. The letters must have some special appeal since they have been used for a wide variety of entities.

  • CDAP – Centre for the Development of Autism Practice
  • CDAP – Coalition for Drug Abuse Prevention
  • CDAP – Comprehensive Disabled Afghans’ Programme
  • CDAP – Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs
  • CDAP – Caspian Development Advisory Panel
  • CDAP – Cheshire Domestic Abuse Partnership
  • CDAP – Community Development Assistance Program
  • CDAP – Community Drug Awareness Project
  • CDAP – Connected Device Authentication Protocol
  • CDAP – California Dental Access Project
  • CDAP – Cancer Detection and Prevention
  • CDAP – Community Design Advisory Program
  • CDAP – Computer Defense Assessment Program
  • CDAP – Co-operative Development Assistance Program
  • CDAP – Community Development Area Plans
  • CDAP – Context-Dependent Attribute Preference
  • CDAP – Conferences of Directors of Prison Administration
  • CDAP – Chemical Data Acquisition Plan
  • CDAP – Computer Defense Assistance Program

One thing that many of these entities have in common is that they relate to some community working together to improve. That’s exactly what this new Cre8asite Forum is doing. So why not check out the Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel and see why so many people are finding this topic is appearing on their radar screens.

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