Read any good business blogs recently?

If you don’t feel that you’ve seen too many business blogs recently, then you’re probably right. A Business Week article this week on Company Blogs suggests that only 22 of the 500 largest U.S. companies operate public blogs from their executive suites. That’s a mere 4%.

Blogging is about communication so it’s sad to hear that corporations aren’t communicating better. However there is a message of hope in that article. It appears that corporations are using blogging software to help with their biggest communication problem. That’s the internal communication within the organization.

Many leading companies around the world, such as McDonald’s, are using blogging software to revamp internal communications, reach out to suppliers, and remake corporate Intranets. Often the site doesn’t look much different from what it’s replacing. Sometimes there’s nothing particularly bloggy about the results. But these corporate initiatives are interactive and cheap to deploy — making them an attractive form of communication.

When blogging has solved those internal communications problems, then it should be applied to the dialogue with customers and with outside stakeholders. Blogs will do a much better job than newsletters ever did.

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