Business Networking in Montreal

Business networks help you make valuable contacts.

Business Networking is one of the key ways to get business success. Developing a network of like-minded individuals with whom you can communicate and share experiences and even develop solutions builds an important asset. The process has been around a long time, but the Internet provides an additional infrastructure for such networking. The Internet is a powerful vehicle for making connections. Even though it is global in scope, it’s surprising how often it may help you become aware of interesting contacts in your local area.

That is the fundamental idea behind one of the most successful, and long-standing, initiatives on the Internet, CraigsList. It’s really the Internet equivalent of classified advertisements in a local paper. It started in San Francisco, but has now spread to a number of major cities and there is a CraigsList for Montreal. You can learn more about this phenomenon in a film appearing at the Cin?ma du Parc this evening called 24 Hours on Craigslist.

Of course the Internet is not supplanting the traditional ways of business networking, but rather is available to complement and strengthen them. That is likely to be one of the principal messages that will come out in a Round Table Discussion on Wednesday, February 1st between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm on Radio Station 940 Montreal. It’s one of a series of such discussions hosted by Sherry Thacker, founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Networking System (WENS). David Bedjanic, of Sellance, which offers contractual sales management services, is one of the participants as is Barry Welford of SMM. The topic is The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling and Marketing on the Internet.

If you’re an entrepreneur of whatever gender, you’re likely to pick up something useful and interesting, so you should book that spot in your agenda. Business networking takes a little ongoing effort, but the return on your investment will certainly match or exceed other ways you might spend your time.

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