The Web Designer’s Dilemma

Web Design for many business owners is something for which you would hire a graphic designer. However there are fundamental differences between the two and it is important to understand these. With graphic design of say a printed brochure, everyone sees exactly the same printed brochure when it is produced. The graphic designer is completely in control of the final production.

With a website that is accessible via the Internet, different visitors may see the website in completely different ways. This is influenced by the hardware and the software they use to browse the Internet and view the web pages. In addition, the website is interactive so that visitors can move around the website. Again different visitors may see different navigation routes and may have quite different paths around the website. The web designer must decide, with the owner of the new website, whether all these different visitors should be accommodated or whether some must be left with a possibly frustrating experience. The extra skill sets required for this raise the question posed in a recent BPWrap weblog post, Can Graphic Designers Do Website Design?

This topic has not yet received as much discussion and exposure as it should. This week it is one of the topics mentioned on the Carnival of the Vanities, one of the longest running Internet blogging platforms to promote discussion and expose new ideas. This week it’s hosted by FreeMoneyFinance, who has done a most timely display of some very interesting entries.

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