Aircraft Cabin Air Quality – new technology launched this week

Aircraft Cabin Air Quality has always been a subject of intense interest and even more so now with the increased hazards that may be present in the air around us. The following link covers several different perspectives to be found in aircraft cabin air quality documentation. Included is a fundamental document from a world expert on this subject. The expert is Professor M.B. Hocking of the University of Victoria in BC and the document is entitled Indoor Air Quality: Recommendations Relevant to Aircraft Passenger Cabins. It provides a good basis for ensuring healthy air in aircraft cabins.

This week a local company, Air Data, is launching its JetAir Cabin Air Quality Systems in North America. These will provide the technologies needed to meet the air quality standards in aircraft cabins. It is the only proven technology that eliminates viruses, bacteria and volatile organic contaminants from cabin air while reducing ozone concentration during high altitude flying. Other technologies included are the new JetAir Dual-Flow Ventilation System and Humispace Cabin Humidifiers. The launch will be taking place at the NBAA2005 trade show in Orlando, Florida (Booth 1076).

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