The Norbourg Blog

No, this is not the Norbourg Blog. Rather it’s a suggestion that there should be an official Norbourg Blog, if it still does not exist at the time of reading.

Two items triggered this reflection. First is the revelation this week that in total $ 134 million of investors’ hard-earned funds may well have disappeared through the variety of mutual funds administered by Norbourg. That’s a loss of 63% of the total value claimed at the end of July. That’s tragic for thousands of its investors. Clearly maximum efforts should go into rectifying this if at all possible and certainly trying to stop such wrongdoing in the future.

Thankfully I am not affected by this Norbourg incident. The closest connection I have is that I?ve often noticed its flashy street level office just kitty-corner from the building where I worked for the first 10 years of my life in Montreal. That was CIL House at 630 Dorchester Boulevard West on the corner of University. The building has changed its name several times since then and the boulevard has also been renamed.

However let’s return to the second item that triggered this idea of an official Norbourg Blog. That was an advertisement buried in the Saturday Business Section of the Montreal Gazette. It was issued by the Autorit? des March?s Financiers (We Keep A Watchful Eye). It was well and simply written and among other things noted that the AMF had decided to launch “an extraordinary recourse for the benefit of investors”. AMF resources and expertise will be available to investors for the recovery of funds. For more information, you can call the AMF at (877) 525-0337 or consult the website of the administrator. The latter is a single web page on Norbourg with advice to consult your own financial or legal adviser. What struck me was that this somewhat formal ad had one paragraph highlighted in yellow. It certainly gets your attention.

Unfortunately not everyone will see newspaper ads. The way to get maximum visibility now is to put items on the Internet. Even the Montreal Gazette now has a blog by Andy Riga on the current municipal elections. Blogs allow instantaneous reporting on events. They have almost instant visibility with the new Google Blog Search. Yahoo! has a new blog search that will be coming out this week as well. Blogs don’t need to be for ever. They can be for a prescribed purpose for a given length of time. That’s how the Andy Riga E-File is being promoted.

So perhaps the AMF should start an official Norbourg Blog. The software is incredibly user-friendly and the resulting blog will be extremely search-engine-visible. You’ve been adventurous enough to put yellow highlighting in a legal notice advertisement. With just a little more boldness, a Norbourg Blog should be a piece of cake.

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