Image and Imagination in Montreal – Photography of course

Image and Imagination is the theme for the Mois de la Photo ? Montr?al, a festival that runs in Montreal from 8 September to 10 October 2005. This is the 9th presentation of Le Mois de la Photo ? Montr?al and it displays a neglected area of photographic experience: the life of the photograph in the spectator?s mind. It covers three aspects of this subject: Sightlines into the Imagination; Mirroring Ourselves, Recasting Otherness; and Pictures as a Way of Shutting our Eyes. 60 artists from Australia, Canada, France, Haiti, the United Kingdom, and the United States will be featured in 29 solo and group exhibitions of contemporary photographic art to be staged in Montreal.

The Internet is a low-cost way in which we can all experience great photography at the click of a mouse. Of course most of us are aware of the great photography to be seen on the National Geographic Magazine website. However here in Canada we have comparable photographic resources to match the richness and beauty of our country. Photography has a long history in Canada and some of the best of that can be found in a collection, Framing Canada – a photographic memory, to be found within the Library and Archives Canada website. A wider view of what is available is to be found in the Images Canada website. Yet again another resource is the Image Gallery to be found within the Virtual Museum of Canada website.

Any one of the links above can open up vast image resources. They certainly will allow your imagination to take you to whatever part of the world and whatever time period you would like to view. Happy imagining.
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