Happy Belated Birthday, Google. Here’s Your Present

Well yesterday was Google’s 7th birthday. I guess there was quite a party with lots of chocolate cake.

Business Week seems to have lost the party spirit very quickly with an item published today on Google’s Search for Simplicity. They go on to say.

That famously spartan user interface is about to face a major test as the outfit seeks to drum up attention for its many new offerings.

They go on to compare the three majors and suggest that Yahoo! and MSN are much better placed since they already have portals offering many other goodies. Google must sacrifice simplicity to compete. There’s the dilemma.

Well I think that analysis is a little shallow. Simplicity is tough to do and Google got it entirely right. If you want to search simply with Yahoo!, you’ve got to use search.yahoo.com. If you want to search simply with MSN, you’ve got to use search.msn.com. With Google you just use www.google.com and google.com works too.

How then can Google create a portal that won’t destroy their simplicity. I don’t believe it’s in giving us the ability to personalize our Google search page, as they have been offering. That works for some, but it’s moving away from simplicity. Yahoo! and MSN give you what they want to show you, if you go to their portals. I believe many Google-lovers would just love to check out what Google wants to offer them on its portal.

My belated birthday present to Google is therefore a suggested name for this portal. I believe it would work admirably. In fact it’s just a sub-domain that Google can create at the drop of a hat. more.google.com There’s the package, all you’ve got to do is add the contents. Many happy returns, Google. Enjoy.

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