Solar Panels For A Place In The Sun

Solar Panels .. mmm. At a time of rocketing oil prices, it’s certainly something to think about. Apparently more and more people are thinking about solar panels. That explains the business success story in today’s Montreal Gazette. The title is “Forecast sunny for solar panels”. ICP Solar Technologies Inc. has seen sales quadruple over the last five years and they could be as high as $20 million this year. It’s another example of a high-tech industry success story for Montreal. ICP is now one of the top manufacturers of solar-powered products and cells, which includes solar panels.

Although wind gets more attention in Canada, solar energy still has an important part to play in a ‘Small Is Beautiful’ approach to life. ICP is even coming out with new solar roof tiles this fall that can draw energy from the sun through more than 10 centimetres of snow on a roof. The ICP photovoltaic (PV) approach uses daylight to power ordinary electrical equipment from appliances to computers and lighting. It is not the same as solar thermal technology used for heating and hot water.


Sass Peress, the owner and CEO of ICP, is doing a number of things right. He even has his own CEO Blog, Sunbits, so he is clearly on the leading edge. ICP is also strongly involved in the Community. September 9th will see the ICP team volunteering at the Linda Saab Annual Breast Cancer Golf Tournament here in Montreal, Canada. Way to go, ICP. Keep those solar panels coming.

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