No Child Left Behind and Andre Agassi

The Rogers Cup tennis events are now running here in Montreal from August 6 – 14. Some exciting matches are on display and that crowd-pleaser Andre Agassi will certainly be involved in several of them. However Agassi is responsible for other works that almost deserve to outshine his tennis performance. The Andre Agassi Foundation donated more than $11 million US last year to support a number of child-related activities in Las Vegas. This is something of a passion for him. For example, he changed from Nike to adidas when Nike refused to make a contribution.

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

One of the most exciting of the several ventures his foundation supports is the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. This is an independent K-12 public charter school that seeks to maximize the potential of every learner. It was the only school in Nevada to receive an “exemplary” rating in the annual review under the U.S. federal No Child Left Behind Program. One factor in the modern world that such programs must cope with is the Digital Divide. This is the gap that can open up between those children that have access to the Internet and those who don’t. The Digital Divide Network brings together a number of individuals and agencies that are seeking to help children across this divide.

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