A Great Canadian Choice – Our New Governor General

Our outgoing Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, has received some criticism but undoubtedly she has been an enormous power for good. Perhaps it comes from her media background but she has projected an image of Canada we can all be proud of and has made connections with people throughout our great land and around the world.

Micha?lle Jean

The next Governor General is again from the media world and may well do an even better job. Her name is Micha?lle Jean and she is best known for her programs on Radio Canada and CBC. She typifies well the multi-cultural nation that is Canada. She has an illustrious past including the Amnesty International Journalism Award in 1995 for a 15-part series on women and the 2000 Galaxi Award for best information program host. She is fluent in five languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and Haitian Creole. The Conseil de la Langue Fran?aise officially recognized her for her “rich, precise and rigorous” mastery of the French language.

Her ambition is to be an agent of change in society and the Governor General is uniquely positioned to promote this. We all wish her well and look forward to exciting times.

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