Andy Capp beats out Dick Tracy when it comes to excitement

Andy Capp

Apparently Andy Capp is still going strong. This famed resident of Hartlepool in the North East of England, my home town no less, can still be seen leading his charmed life as he has done for the last 50 years. Dick Tracy is now appearing again but firmly in this modern age. According to SearchViews, “Dick Tracy moves into the digital age with this week’s strip introducing cybercriminal Cellphone and his gang – Broadband, Burner, CD, Digit, Download, Handheld and the lucious Miss Laptop.”

The comic’s promo copy states: “Although many remember him with fond nostalgia, Dick Tracy continues to be relevant as he combines old-fashioned values with 21st century innovation to capture corporate crooks, computer pirates, polluters, skyjackers, gang members and terrorists.”

SearchViews isn’t impressed, “That doesn’t mean he’s not boring as all get out. We’ll take Andy Capp instead.” Well said, SearchViews. Let’s all raise our pints of Strongarm to Andy Capp.

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