Tourism looking up in Montreal

Tourism Montreal reports that this will be a banner year for tourism in Montreal. The Montreal Gazette this morning quotes some heartening statistics from Pierre Bellerose, VP of Tourism Montreal. The occupancy rate for the larger hotels is up 5 percent over the same period in 2004 and may well see a return to 2002 levels.


Tourism is one of the major industries for Montreal so this is exceptionally good news. Tourism as a whole has seen some hard knocks in the last few years with concerns on terrorism and the SARS health scare in 2003. However Montreal has a great deal to offer with world events such as the FINA World Aquatics Championships and a host of other activities for all tastes.

Tourism Montreal

Even Montrealers might be surprised to see how much is going on. A good site to bookmark and visit often is the Tourism Montreal website. You can even join Club Montreal and receive e-mail alerts on coming events that would interest you. Although it is intended for tourists, it is a good resource for anyone wanting to ‘come alive’ in this ville vibrante and passionnante.

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