Creative Laughs

McGill International Executive Institute

It’s always good to see synergies between local industries. One of the more surprising ones is featured in the Montreal Gazette this morning. One of the most famous festivals in Montreal, the Just for Laughs Festival, is currently enjoying another successful run. Another major industry in Montreal is of course higher learning. So it’s good to see that the McGill International Executive Institute partnered with the Just for Laughs festival to offer a comprehensive Creative Thinking & Innovation Seminar for Managers.

Institute for Thinking Development

The Seminar was conducted by Fred Rosenzveig, who is President of The Institute for Thinking Development in Montreal. He consults and conducts programs on innovation and thinking systems for private and public organizations worldwide. The theme covered the ingredients of good comedy, Absurdity, Timing and Surprise. These also are the elements in a work place environment that encourage creativity.

The key message seemed to be the necessity of having minds open to change. The actual methods used were some that have been widely discussed and publicised over the years. A good account of these can be found in a SMM newsletter, “How to think better“. In that, it is emphasized that logical thought, as done by a computer, can only produce the same solutions that can be found by the competition. If you stay in touch with your craziness, you are more likely to find answers that no one else has thought of. That certainly isn’t at all absurd.

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