Montreal, the festival capital

One of the biggest industries in Montreal is that associated with the endless round of festivals. Particularly during the summer months there’s at least one festival happening every week. Some are small and some are large. This week we’re all sucked up in the frenzy surrounding the staging of the F1 Grand Prix Festival. The race runs on Sunday but the whole week is a festive one, even though the Festival runs officially from June 10 to June 12.

If your taste doesn’t take in Formula One racing, there’s probably at least one festival that would be of interest. Here are just a few to show the diversity of our festivals.

Some of the F1 drivers expressed why Montreal is such a great venue for all these festivals (quotes from the Montreal Gazette). David Coulthard, Red Bull: “ … one of the most fun cities on the F1 calendar … the people are always extremely hospitable ” Christian Klien, Red Bull: “... a very European and international feel to it and the people are very friendly“. That about sums it up.

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