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The Montreal Casino is thinking of moving. Loto Quebec has put together an exciting project that should be a real boost for Montreal’s tourism industry. In a two-page spread advertisement this weekend, Loto Quebec encourages us all to get behind this entertainment complex, which will cost over 1 billion dollars.

Casino de Montreal

Earlier in the week, an editorial in the Montreal Gazette came out against the project. It saw only a possible negative effect in encouraging more Quebecers to take up gambling. It cited figures showing that of the 18,000 visitors per day only 11% are visitors to the province. Given the difficulty in getting to the Casino at its present location, it’s at least heartening that almost 2,000 visitors per day manage to get there.

Well as they say you can prove anything with statistics. For any business to do well, it’s got to be doing a good job for its customers. Some products unfortunately may have possibly deadly consequences for a minority of their consumers. Just think automobiles, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and yes gambling. However history shows that just making some of these products difficult to obtain doesn’t usually work too well. It’s much better to insist that responsible companies do responsible marketing. The SAQ shows how well even a government-owned corporation can do such responsible marketing for alcoholic beverages and we all benefit.

One of the cardinal 4 P’s of marketing (after Product, Price and Publicity) is Place. Where can people have access to the products? Undoubtedly the Casino de Montreal has suffered in business terms by its poor location. Relatively it’s worse for visitors than it is for local people, since with a little knowledge and planning it can be reached without too much trouble. The proposed new location with easy access from the downtown core where so many visitors are staying should be ideal.

So all success to this new venture. We trust that, through a responsible marketing program, a relocated Casino de Montreal will prove to be a major contributor to the growth of Montreal tourism.

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  1. Its quite important to locate a Casino where people can easily get to it and see if even if they wern't thinking of going there. In the UK bookmaker's shops are on the highstreet. Although this is different to a casino it can be used as an example. 1) its not really frowned apon like casinos. 2) they are easy access for the customers + non-customers may see them and think to make a bet.

  2. I love this casino – it is so beautiful. I would love to spend a week in this casino. I really don’t think that a casino is going to cause problems with ‘too much gambling’ – people who are prone to vices will find them…casinos or no casinos.

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