Babel Media Dubs Montreal A World Game Hub

Babel Media

Babel Media announced a major investment in Montreal this week. Their Montreal office will take on 200 new people providing game services here in Montreal. This almost doubles the size of the company, rivalling as it does, the Babel Media Ltd. head office in Brighton, England. The company has seen astonishing growth in its six year history because it leverages a number of IT industry realities.

The Babel Media Ltd. website describes the phenomenon.

Founded in 1999, Babel is one of the major drivers behind the growth of outsourcing in the games and interactive entertainment industries. Our multi-platform services include localisation, QA, porting, certification and marketing services. We employ more than 200 full-time and freelance personnel with offices in Brighton, Los Angeles and New Delhi. Babel is a registered Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo developer. Babel has been recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK and we are one of the country’s largest new media agencies. 

Ben Wibberley, executive vice-president for Babel Media in North America, goes into more details* on why Babel Media is becoming a partner with so many of the industry greats.

Ben Wibberley

Babel can handle all of the functionality and localization QA, the work which a lot of the time prevents the internal QA department from carrying out their core function, which is of focusing on the gameplay of the title. Babel acts as the publisher?s internal QA department, gaining them significant cost savings from not having to employ large QA groups without a loss of quality.

Local knowledge is key to working in any territory. (However there are) benefits of using our Indian operation. As an industry we need to look at the idea of three zone production and not just in terms of cost savings available.

Babel Media can be summed up in two words “International Quality”: this is an ethos which runs through the company and all of our services.

That sounds like a slogan for Montreal too. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Babel Media joins the game developer industry in Montreal, which already employs some 2000 people. Anyone wanting to join Babel Media can send their CVs to

* extracts from a longer article in in January 2004.

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