SAQ Is Doing Well On Its Balanced Scorecard

The SAQ or Soci?t? des alcools du Qu?bec had a small advertisement in today’s Montreal Gazette signalling that from June 1 all public tender documents will be only available via the Internet. This is hardly surprising since back in 2001, it was announced that the SAQ had “selected the webMethods integration platform to automate business processes and optimize the exchange of inventory, merchandising and logistics information across the entire enterprise“.

For experts in the strategic review of companies, it is clear that the SAQ is following the precepts of the Balanced Scorecard. This process developed by Drs. Kaplan and Norton of Harvard suggests that, for long-term success, corporations should evaluate their progress on 4 critical resources or dimensions:

  • Financial
  • Customers
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Business Processes

On the first three, most will be aware of and acknowledge the sterling successes of the SAQ. Clearly that has been supported by significant efforts on the fourth dimension. Of course, their products are in keen demand and there is no competition. Nevertheless the SAQ does a good job and we should all raise a glass to their continued success.