Making Connections

If you had to choose only one feature of the Internet as the most important, which would it be. For me without a doubt it’s the ability to make connections. There are many other features that are astounding but making connections is the ‘killer app’ for me. I’m sure we’ve all had some surprising connections made through the Internet. This may be the story of one of them.

My daughter, Kim, and her husband, Colin, are now travelling by road from Vancouver to Newfoundland. They were both in the Earth and Ocean Sciences Group at the University of British Columbia and in the next academic year will be in a similar group in Memorial University of Newfoundland. Many local folk will remember Kim Welford, who was at Queen of Angels Academy and graduated from McGill University. Kim is now maintaining a weblog of the journey called roadtonewfoundland. It is now being filled up with some great pictures of Canada. So their many friends and relatives can watch and indeed comment on their progress across this vast land. It’s not quite like keeping in touch with your sister as she climbs up Mount Everest, but it’s still very exciting.

However that’s not the connection, that I’m talking about. My wife and I had commented on Kim’s blog, leaving the address of this blog as part of our signature. From the traffic statistics this morning, someone had visited Kim’s blog and then clicked to come to this blog. From the statistics you cannot pin down who it was. However the surprising thing is that it was someone located in Nome, Alaska. Who can it possibly be? Perhaps we’ll never know. It’s almost like finding a bottle on the beach with a message in it.

That’s the magic of the Internet. Making connections. … with people you didn’t know existed before, or perhaps who had disappeared from your life many years ago. If your website or blog doesn’t make that happen, you should seriously examine why not. Perhaps there’s something in the structure or design that’s stopping people finding you.

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