Ergonomic Chairs – made in Quebec

Synetik Design

These chairs are not what you might expect from the Quebec furniture industry. There’s no maple involved at all. The ergonomic chair is designed to cut down on knee and back injuries. The Montreal Gazette today features another young company that represents one of the strengths of the Quebec economy. Design of all kinds – industrial, fashion, graphic, architectural, web – has many strong performers on the Quebec scene. Synetik Design is Caroline Saulnier’s company and they apply industrial design to the work place. Some major corporations are now benefiting from their ergonomic work-stations.

The company has a group of innovative young designers, typical of many in the area, who are assisted in their company start-ups by institutions such as Centech. Design in all its forms is also well supported by agencies such as the Institute of Design Montr?al. Quebec is an exciting place to be for a designer.

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