Domain Names Are Only For Human Beings

You should be able to rely on something as prestigious as The Wall Street Journal. Yesterday in their online Startup Journal for Entrepreneurs, there was an article, How to Choose A Domain Name. There was a lot of good advice there in relation to domain names and human beings. However there was some advice that is a common misconception and might lead people to spend money needlessly. Kelly Spors, the Staff Reporter, wrote the following:

Using descriptive words in a domain name also might help propel you near the top of a keyword search for businesses like yours — something that can make a huge difference in traffic to your site.

Well it’s true that being top in a keyword search for your business can make a huge difference in traffic to your site. What isn’t true is that the domain name will be a big factor in that happening.

Search engine algorithms attempt to put the most relevant web pages at the top of the keyword search reports. It’s often quoted that the Google algorithm has over 100 factors involved in their algorithm. Possibly the domain name is not even in this list of over 100 factors. If it is it doesn’t get a big weight. What counts is what appears on the web page itself and what other links on other web pages may be ‘pointing’ to this web page.

So by all means buy a domain name that will make it easier for a human being to remember it and type it in to their browser. However the search engines are probably ignoring the actual domain name, so spend any additional funds on other ways of influencing the search engines. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

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