Business Blogging Brings Internet Visibility

People find you with a business blog.

In these days of Permission Marketing, you have got to rely on the buyer finding your company if you’re the seller. Aggressive pursuit of a potential customer is the surest way of turning off that individual. For many companies the most powerful method is to be visible on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how companies can try to be more visible in the search engine results. With Google indexing over 8 billion web pages that can sometimes seem an impossible task. One new approach that seems to have enormous potential is business blogging. This is a case study on just how effective the business blogging approach can be.

Most companies cannot afford big advertising budgets so PR, Public Relations, is a great way of getting exposure. You would think an article in the Montreal Gazette would be of great value in such an approach. Indeed I was so impressed by the accounts of four innovative and newsworthy companies that I wrote short posts on them in this very Business Blog. However within a week most of us can no longer check out what the Montreal Gazette said on any of them without a great deal of effort. It’s the ’15 minutes of fame’ phenomenon. Google or Yahoo!, that many of us might use to find the articles, never spotted the articles and has no trace now.

The companies themselves are not very visible on the Internet either. For three of the companies, their websites are not in the first 100 entries for a Google search on the most appropriate keyword phrase. The fourth company comes in at #68. All search results are those obtained at the time this is being written.

The blog posts on these companies have fared much better. The Google searches were done on the following sets of keywords: ergonomic chair Quebec, institutional furniture manufacturer, flight simulator manufacturer and Internet search directory. (Note that these links are to the original blog posts.) The blog posts came up in the Google searches at #1, #2, #10 and #6/7. These rankings are also likely to persist for some time. So this business blog provides another way that buyers can find these companies.

There are technical reasons why blogs perform well in Search Engine searches. Their structure is ideally suited for Search Engine Optimization. Each post usually has an adequate amount of text and is associated with a number of links to and from other web pages. Both these elements are strong boosters with the Search Engines. For a more complete account of the reasons, a post on “Search Engine Optimization Or SEO With Blogger” at BPWrap gives more details.

Search Engine Optimization should not be the primary reason for a Business Blog. A Business Blog allows for a dialogue with customers and this should be its primary purpose. There are also some possible problems associated with a Business Blog that need to be addressed. Is there enough interesting content? Will comments be allowed? Who writes content and what should be in the corporate policy for the blog or blogs? Some corporations may well decide that this is not (yet) the time. Those who do may find that a useful bonus is significantly increased visibility on the Internet.

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