Warning: You’ve Been Framed

Did your heart stop when you heard that? It doesn’t sound too happy a situation. However there are a huge number of website owners, who should feel the same about their websites. This is because the use of Frames in web design causes all sorts of problems so that most savvy web designers do not use them. Regrettably in Montreal, there are still a good number of web designers who do not seem to understand the problems. This post is only written today because I again encountered two newly launched websites in Frames today. One of them was not even well constructed since unnecessary scroll bars appeared around the framed content: it was not very pretty.

Why do web designers use such damaging design technology? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Visually it can produce pleasing effects
  • It is very much easier to program than other methods
  • The web designers know no better

What problems do Frames cause:

  • The content is not very visible to search engines so will probably not rank well.
  • The individual pages cannot be bookmarked
  • Pages can only be printed provide suitable printer settings are chosen
  • If Search Engines do index the pages, they link to the framed content without the identifying frame so that visitors may not be able to navigate around the website

Some of the above may be mumbo-jumbo to some of my readers, but I urge them all to be on the alert if a web designer wants to frame you. There are no ways of avoiding some of the problems raised above. There are other ways of achieving the same effects. So remember the mantra, “No Frames, Thank You.

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