A Verb Is A Doing Word

That phrase has much more meaning than when you heard it at school. That sometime provocative writer, Seth Godin of ‘Permission Marketing’ fame, brought this out in a recent post, Nouns and Verbs. It really resonates with me. It reminds me of that other simple expression promoted by David Allen, Getting Things Done. Actions rather than objects.

Getting Things Done is a very basic process to help you organize your time for maximum effectiveness. I was pleased from a recent Allen post to note that Green Mountain Coffee is one of the many companies that has adopted the GTD approach with enthusiasm. Montreal is within an hour of the beautiful state of Vermont and we now benefit from two of their fine exports. That’s Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and now Green Mountain Coffee. You can get it in the JavaU coffee houses around the city.

I’m very much in line with that ‘doing’ sentiment. I’ve long promoted the message that Faster is Better. That’s because Time is Critical. Critical is used here with one of its technical meaning. It’s a resource that is limiting some activity. Each minute you get you only get once. Once it’s passed, you’ll never have it again. No one can give you back those lost minutes. So use every one to the fullest. OK you may make mistakes but they’re learning experiences. The individual who never made a mistake probably never made anything particularly worthwhile. So as Nike exhorts us, Just Do It. There you are, another verb.

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