Montr?al International Makes The News

Yes, Montr?al International certainly had some good news to relay at its eighth annual meeting on April 18, 2005. Montreal International’s mission is to contribute to the economic development of Greater Montreal and enhance its international status. The President and CEO Marc G. Fortier reported that in 2004, Montr?al International helped in attracting $522.7 million in foreign investment involving 31 foreign companies and generating nearly 2,500 jobs while maintaining about 400 others. Although this fell short of objectives, it was achieved in a year when new investments in North America were subject to a number of downward pressures.

Two bright notes were the new international organizations choosing Montreal. The world secretariat for ICSID and Icograda, the International Design Alliance (IDA), chose to locate in Montreal in 2004. Montreal scored a major victory over competing cities in Europe and Asia, including Brussels, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Nagoya and Turin. The arrival of this new organization in Montreal in the spring of 2005 is excellent news for the whole Quebec design industry. ?This success confirms the degree to which our cosmopolitan, open, innovative and creative character is an invaluable advantage in developing the region. … Montreal can hold its own against the best in the world,? said Mr. Fortier.

Also Mr. Fortier mentioned the significant and highly encouraging progress in attracting COSPAS-SARSAT, which manages satellites used in search and rescue operations.

In the latest available statistics (2003) in comparisons with other leading urban centres in North America, Montreal improved its ranking in two positions. It is now ninth place with respect to high-tech employment and is in third place for intensity. Intensity measures the weight of that technological employment compared to the total employment in the area. This performance speaks volumes about the drive of many important leaders in the high-tech sectors.

So although the regular news channels seemed to have missed this news item, you may wish to check out the Montr?al International website. It’s a most attractive showcase of all that Montreal represents. We have quite a story to tell.

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