Sell Your Prospect Something Every Time You Meet

Sam Decker has a thought-provoking story in a post this morning, “Marketing Lesson from a Cop – Offering a Lesser Alternative“. It’s always tough to find leads and turn them into prospects. Some say for complex sales it may take 6 contacts before the typical buyer commits and makes the purchase. So you want to make every one of those contacts count. You really want to build up their commitment to purchasing from you.

If you can get them to “purchase” on every contact, the relationship is obviously going to be stronger. If they just click in and click away, there isn’t much of an impact. So how can you offer them an alternative on every visit that they will naturally want to buy. This becomes a much more challenging benchmark than merely wanting to “increase their brand awareness”. Here are some examples to get your grey cells going, as you brainstorm around this idea.

  • Give away a free coupon to something. (Did you get your free Baskin-Robbins ice cream from Yahoo! on its 10th anniversary?)
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter.
  • Download a free White Paper or a software tool.
  • Subscribe to your RSS Newsfeed
  • Accept a time-limited discount coupon on an upcoming purchase
  • Enter a competition for a prize

In other words, reach out and be proactive in getting that sale every time. Don’t let yourself stop working until every visit to your website or your blog will present your visitor with an offer they’ll find difficult to refuse.

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