Internetworking On The Long Tail

Ah, the Long Tail. We all seem to be on it now. There are no typicals, we’re all different. So how you do try to let everyone know that you’ve just invented the best mouse trap ever. Some say viral marketing is the key. I see we now have a Word Of Mouth Marketing Association to guide us. At least there’s a code of ethics but I couldn’t find a website to give me more information. Perhaps they’re going to spread the word around the old fashioned way. That’s networking: physically meeting people face-to-face. Or perhaps it’s text messaging to all your friends.

Seems to me they’re missing a trick here. The Internet is the communication channel that beats all others by a country mile. So I nominate Internetworking as the prime vehicle for viral marketing. Here’s one example of how Internetworking is really taking off. Why not go to the Carnival? You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people. There are several blogging Carnivals, but one I particularly like is the Carnival of the Capitalists. There’s one each week and this week’s is hosted by John Winsor. There’s always 50 or more interesting blog posts from a wide variety of people. This Blog has been well featured in a number of issues and is again today with a prior post, Trial by Firefox.

I find it extremely good value to check out all those featured. Some are becoming familiar faces, but I often find a number of entries that I would likely not have come across otherwise. Today for example I found David Jackson’s, Seven implications of Yahoo! 360, particularly good value. That’s a significant topic in the search world war that is going on among Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

If you want to submit your own blog post, then you can enter at Alternatively you can e-mail your entry to the new address:
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You’ll find Carnival of the Capitalists next week at Russell Buckley’s highly informative technology and business blog called The Mobile Technology Weblog . I hope to get to meet you there. See that’s how Internetworking works.

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