Einstein via Podcasting

It’s a very special 100 years anniversary this year. During a few brief months in 1905, an obscure 26-year-old patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, published 4 extraordinary science papers that would change the laws of physics, and our ideas about the universe. His name was Albert Einstein. You can hear some interesting discussion on the programme “Quirks & Quarks”, which is heard on Saturdays on CBC Radio One. Each week, host Bob McDonald discusses the latest in science, technology, medicine and the environment.

At least that’s the old-fashioned way of listening. Radio Canada is now into Podcasting. With iTunes you can listen to it whenever you want to. You can hear what some pretty heavy-weight thinkers think about Einstein by listening to their discussion on “Why Einstein Matters: A Full-Edition Public Forum“. If you’ve downloaded the right software such as iPodder, you can even be alerted whenever there’s new podcasts.

If you’re already into RSS newsfeeds and a newsfeed aggregator such as Bloglines, you’ll take to Podcasting like a duck to water.

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