Cre8asite Forums Up For Sale

Since I can’t find an authentic British pub that I can call my local, I’ve taken to visiting the virtual equivalent, which for me are the Cre8asite Forums. Whenever I pop in, I find a group of congenial friends and can discuss whatever comes to mind about Internet matters in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s some real characters there and they come from every spot on the globe.

I’ve just heard the most amazing news. It may well turn my world upside down. The Forums are up for sale. I know there are lots of acquisitions going on in the Internet world nowadays. IAC has bought Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves bought Bloglines. Yahoo! bought Flickr. Google bought Picasa. I believe Jupitermedia Corporation may be up for sale. None of those affected me too much. But this latest news is much closer to home. They’re already talking about changes that I’m not sure I’m going to be comfortable with. They’re even talking about a place for bludgers. What is the world coming too. I only hope the acquirer, whoever it may be will be conscious of the great atmosphere that exists there. However I hear many pubs lose all their character and ambiance when they’re acquired. So I’m somewhat worried.

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