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I see from Mitch Joel’s blog that the 8th YES Entrepreneurship Conference is taking place on March 12, 2005. Full details can be found at the YES Conference web page. This is a very worthwhile activity and should receive all our support. Getting young people into the work-force is a tough challenge and it’s toughest of all to do it by setting up your own business. YES has the following mission:

Youth Employment Services is a non-profit community organization that delivers English-language job search and self-employment services to Quebecers.

Previous versions of this Conference have been fully subscribed and there seems no reason to think that this won’t do even better.

I think Yes Montreal is a great name for this endeavour. I think there’s a lesson there for all those budding entrepreneurs. Try to get your company name so that it clearly expresses the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that you’re offering to your clients. Don’t go for some neutral word like say Monday, as happened in one of the biggest corporate name blunders I’ve seen. Your company or agency name can do wonders in selling your company.

YES – Youth Employment Services. That’s an excellent acronym. Although it’s tough to “own” YES on the Internet. Google knows of over 76 million web pages related to the word, ‘Yes’. YES Montreal came #27 this morning but that means you’re a bit lost in the crowd. However the name of this agency is YES Montreal and they come up #1 for that. They also have the domain,, That’s as good as it gets. Chapeau to those who thought up that name. I would also encourage all to use the full name, YES Montreal, whenever you talk about it. You don’t want to run the slightest risk of getting lost in that huge Internet crowd.

So all best wishes to this year’s event. I trust next year we’ll see an even bigger 9th YES Montreal Entrepreneurship Conference.

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