Think Globally, Act Locally

The very first post in a new blog is somewhat like that poor old centipede’s problem. Which leg do I move first? Which event is enough to push me over the tipping point to start recording my thoughts and reactions. Some may already have visited BPWrap, a blog now running for almost a year on Internet Marketing. That takes a global view of the Internet and Business. It often presents issues from a different point of view than is appearing in the mainstream. In a sense, it reflects the real nature of the Internet. The Internet is international, without boundaries. Ms. A can communicate with Mr. B half way around the world. At the same time, such a blog suffers from the same failing as all Internet-based websites. In a sense it is everywhere, but at the same time in a sense it is nowhere: it is not tightly tied to any one physical place.

In reality, most of our every-day activities are linked to a smaller corner of the world. In some ways the Internet is tremendously efficient at economic communications. However it seems like overkill if I’m trying to communicate with someone two city blocks away. Indeed that is the irony of the Internet but also the challenge. That person two blocks away may have their website hosted 2,000 kilometres away. So what does ‘Local’ mean in Internet terms. The Search Engines are illustrating the difficulty of that ‘Local’ term as they all seek to create some credible form of Local Search.

The challenges of ‘Local’ in Internet terms are one of the key reasons why this new blog sees the light of day. It will be firmly anchored in Montreal and will bring out issues and happenings in Montreal as they affect Business and the Internet. Montreal is a rich, cultural milieu with many resources and, like anywhere else, many challenges.

The best blogs are always the personal reflections of folk who are alive to what is happening. They are often most illuminating when they take a 360 degree view of all that is happening. That 360 degree view is the commitment standing behind this blog.

It’s called ‘The Other Bloke’s Blog’ because that captures the essence of what this blog is about. There is at least one other person calling himself the Blog Bloke on the Internet, so that explains the ‘Other’. Other also reflects the determination to examine issues carefully and bring out what may be missing in the popular views. Bloke is defined rather unkindly by Google as another word for “geezer: a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric” Be that as it may, it’s used here to signal the author is an ex-Brit who has now been living and working in the manufacturing and services sectors in Montreal for over 35 years.

Montreal is a great place to do business and that will be revealed as future postings are made. So many exciting things happen here that it has been frustrating to wait to get the whole package correct before starting the interesting part: making postings.

For example, there were three triggers that might have been suitable starting posts in the last 14 days. On the 10th of February, we had the great news that the Mayor, G?rald Tremblay, had succeeded in retaining the FINA 2005 World Aquatic Championships to be held in June. It is perhaps the biggest sporting event in Montreal since the 1976 Olympics. On the 16th, the Prime Minister, Paul Martin, announced that Montreal would be the host city for the 11th conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in December 2005. Then more personally on the 17th, the Montreal Gazette had a major business article on one of my favourite clients, Frank Ralphs, a composite panel manufacturer for the transportation industry. There are some interesting aspects to that company’s name that will be discussed down the road. Most days there’s something of note that often has important business ramifications. Montreal is on a roll and here you’ll find my take on what a businessperson may find of interest.

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